Matt Freitas - Developer

A little about me...

My name is Matt Freitas and I’m an apsiring web developer based out of Oakland, CA. I recently graduated from an online, fully remote coding boot camp by the name of Bloc. The experience was a great spring board, but there is still much to learn. I hope to document my trials and tribulations here for all to see. Keep scrolling to read more about back story.

The Beginning

What drew to me to web development in the first place? One day, my father brought home an old “IBM Compatible” PC as they were known back then. It had Windows 3.1 for an operating system and 14.4 dial up modem. From that day forward I was hooked on computers. I was obsessesd with exploring every inch of the PC that I could. I upgraded the memory, went throuhg free trial hours of AOL and Prodigy. Logged in countless hours on Wolfenstein 3D and later, after a new PC purchase, Quake and Diablo.

My foray into web development started in my teens. I was obsessed with Quake and the Quake community that surrounded it online. There was a ton of great sites that provided daily news and content all about Quake and similar First Person Shooters of the day–,, Blues News. The list goes on an on. I started a website dedicated about a.i. powered multiplayer oppenents known as “bots”. I was particularly fond of using bots for online gaming– as a teenager that lived at home with mom and dad, I didn’t have the luxury of being able to tie up our single landline for my online gaming fix. Bots allowed me to practice my fragging skills without going online.

Bot Lair

View the Bot Lair on the WayBack Machine.

The site was basically a dedicated news, review, and hub for all things bot related. It was also my first taste of web development. I started with WYSIWYG editors and then quickly moved on to hand coded html. Things weren’t not as complex and robust back then as they were now, but the seed was planted and I knew I had found something that I loved. My teens went on and unfortunately I couldn’t see the big picture, and I never considered web development as a viable career path for myself. I enlisted into the Air Force and lost touch with the online gaming community and was thrust head first into an entirely new world and on a different career path.

Here I am (middle) fresh out of a REAL boot camp in 2002. me in the Air Force

2nd Boot Camp and Beyond

Of course, these days I’m out of the service. I’m currently bartending to pay the bills and I’m studying web development as much as possible. I’ve discovered the self-taught engineering movement and I’ve dove right in. I started with Bloc coding bootcamp and it continues on with udemy courses, online tutorials, meetups, and even Twitter. Visit my GitHub to see what I am working on, check out my blog or twitter! Thanks for reading!

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