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First Post! CS50 & React

Finally a post! My intention with this blog is to semi-frequently outline my learning progress. Right now, I am currently working through the ever popular Harvard CS50 course. I am supplementing that with a React Web Developer course by Andrew Mead. I think I’ll add some more resources in as I go along. I’m thinking possibly maybe trying a new coding challenge daily, or semi-daily depending on how difficult/slow I am. ****

I’ve also instituted a daily mediation practice. I’ll be doing ten minutes every morning. Not sure what to expect, but I figure it can’t hurt. Maybe I can use mindfulness when I get frustrated with coding/learning :)

Some thoughts about week 0 of CS50:

The professor, David J Malan, seems very enthusiastic and concise with his teaching. I can see why this course is so popular. He is energetic and lively, and offers elaborate explanations that are easy to understand. We’ll see how this develops as the course progesses. Needless to say I find myself easily drawn to his teaching style. I’ve heard that it gets very difficult, very fast. ****

My first project was a scratch game. It’s pretty basic but I’m pretty sure it satisfies all the requirements. It can be found here


React Notes

Today the course went over some ES6 fundamentals. This is all well and good for me, as I don’t have a lot of experience with ES6. I learned about classes for resuable code and extending classes. Also how to create a new instance of a class.

Super() is your friend.

That’s it for now. I’m off to work. Cheers!